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Product Development - IconEdit

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Client required to upgrade his existing icon editor to stay competitive with other icon editor products. He also required below mentioned features:

  • Support for XP style icons.
  • Tools and functionalities to load, edit and save .ico files.
  • Easy to use yet feature rich for both a professional graphic designer and novice user
  • Features like window for the tools, color palette, icon list (for navigation, preview, and summary of all sizes and depths for the icon), info window, and layer window
  • Should Support icons of all the format size which includes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 and all custom size pixels and Color Depth includes 1 bit (Monochromatic), 4 bit, 8 bit (256 color), 24 bit (True Color),and 32-bit images (also known as Windows XP Icons with alpha channel)

After analyzing client requirement, we created IconEdit custom desktop application with below mentioned functionalities:

  • Helps to create, load, save, and edit icons format files as well as project files
  • Supports saving image as bitmap (bmp)
  • Includes a variety of drawing tools like pen, brush etc. with customized thickness
  • Enables creating and editing multiple icons in a single icon file
  • Contains image filters and effects like smooth, blur, noise, drop shadow, outer glow, and inner level
  • Support for layers that enable user to work on separate layers to create rich icons
  • Allows to scale an image from one size to another
  • Actions toolbar supports moving, flipping, zooming, rotating of layer and windows visibility
  • Information Window which displays pixel coordinates and color, Notifies if the pixel is transparent or colored, information about Width & height of the current selected area etc.
  • Over 20 different drawing tools like selection tools, pencil, brush, gradient, blur, text, color box etc.
  • Support for XP style icons

To know more about this software product, visit PC Magazine site.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Programming Language: Visual C++
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio 2003
  • Project Management Tool: MS Visio 2003