Published: 18 December 2010
Benefits of Flex Application Development in India

Flex is framework that uses Flex builder developed by Adobe Air for Flex Application Development. Flex is cross platform compatible hence web applications developed using Flex runs on all major browsers of today’s time. Flex is more often used for developing rich internet applications based on web 2.0 platforms. Flex uses client side scripting hence they need not require page load hence Flex Application Development is more related to integrating it as part of any website rather than developing full-fledged Flex websites.

Flex Web Development is the most preferred choice for delivering dynamic, intuitive, powerful and graphic rich websites and web solutions. Flex web applications are viewed through flash player on the web and through Adobe Air for desktop applications. MXML is used for creating user interfaces whereas action scripts are used to code client logic for developing Flex applications. Flex Web Development is more of integration of MXML, XML, action scripts, web services, graphics and many other things into a single website or web application.

India has been of the major destination for offshore Web Development since many years and Flex being a popular web development technology, many of the Web Development Companies in India are providing efficient services for developing custom applications as per client requirements. In addition, this Web Development Companies have trained and experienced team of Flex developers who always delivers powerful, robust, attractive and business specific Flex applications.

Flex Application Development in India is highly qualitative and other major benefit is that you do not have to shell out extra money for your Flex needs. In fact, your total development cost is reduced by more than 50 percent when you work with Flex Web Development Company in India. Moreover, many organizations in India offer dedicated teams of Flex developers who work solely for a specific client who has hired them for his Flex development needs.

TatvaSoft an offshore Web Development Company is providing efficient Flex Application Development services to clients at low costs. We have provided our services to various small and large organizations in Australia, USA, UK, Europe and other parts of world. Our team of Flex developers has been part of many complex and large projects and has delivered excellent solutions to clients.


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