Published: 1 September 2010
Benefits of Using Open Source Web Development Techniques

If you are a novice and look at a website with highly interactive features you are sure to feel for at least once what technology is used by the web development company to develop the website. There is no limit to the type of languages, tools, IDEs, frameworks etc available for web development. They can be briefly categorized as proprietary or open source where proprietary refers to the paid version and open source is free.

Being free is the biggest benefit of using open source for web development by a web development company. The company does not have to incur any expenses to use the open source language while providing web design and development services to a client. They only need to hire experts who can work on the open source language. Right to the use of source code is also an interesting feature as it gives developers the right to share code and gain knowledge on various evolving technologies.

Checking errors and correcting them becomes easier for websites created using open source technology. Developers, programmers and web surfers can keep a regular watch on the website to see if there are any bugs. Clients are also inclined to double check the security features of the site. Instead of just claims about high security this system is rather effective in helping the web development company provide highly secure services.

Codes can be reused after some tweaking without facing any issues for copyright. This reduces the efforts required while developing a new application. Also each open source has huge community where members support each other by helping solve tricky problems. A developer with a query can post it on community forums, in reply other developers who have the answer will post their replies. This way a developer can get access to a larger support group which is always there to help.


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