Published: 18 December 2009
Offshore Web Application Maintenance – An excellent way to reduce cost

In today’s time, where there is cut throat competition everywhere, it is very essential that businesses concentrate more on core areas rather than on secondary work like web application maintenance which can be off shored to countries like India. Any application that is developed needs some sort of maintenance after a while. Application Maintenance Services can be of any form, it might be add on to existing system, changing certain functionality or any other change in application. Whereas website maintenance involves adding or updating features to the website like blogs, forums, calendars, To-Do events, portfolio etc.

Offshore Application Maintenance is a very good idea, as not only it allows you to focus on core competency but you also get added benefits like reduction in costs, services from specialized company like TatvaSoft, experienced team for web maintenance in India etc.

What is the need for Web Application Maintenance?

Many clients have asked us that why I would need maintenance program for my system. There are many reasons, which are as below:

  • For integrating new add-ons to the system, as per new requirements
  • Updating or deleting certain functionalities of the existing system as per change in requirements
  • To optimize the current application for faster retrieval and storage of data
  • For web enabled legacy applications, to migrate from one platform to other

Offshore Application Maintenance is one of the core areas of software industry. Around 45- 50 percent of offshore development work in India is for software or web application maintenance work. Because once an application is developed, maintenance is always required so that application or system can be meaningful and generate business from it.

Web Application Maintenance in India is a good option for maintaining systems and applications at a very low cost compared to western countries. There are many web development companies in India providing high quality Application Maintenance Services to offshore clients. This companies use their knowledge and expertise in different industry verticals for providing Application Maintenance Services. During offshore application maintenance when a change is to be done or an add-on is required, all the requirements are thoroughly analyzed by development team to optimize the application in the best possible manner.


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