Ship and Fleet Management System helps in accurate vessel tracking and data analysis

Fleet Management Software allows organizations to efficiently handle various management related tasks for fleets of vehicles, ships, and airplanes. Fleet Management System is used to simplify intricate information systems for enhanced business process management. Fleet Management Software are highly used for gathering large volumes of precise information, sorting and storing information, analyzing gathered information and preparing reports based on analysis to improve business management, reduce cost and minimize risk.

Ship Management Software is widely used for handling large vessels like oil vessels, cargo vessels, gas containers, fishing vessels and crew vessels. Fleet Management System makes use of sensors and GPS for collecting data from vessels at regular intervals to track the exact position at any time. Fleet Management Software with support for hardware like sensors are used to display vessel position on computer. A fleet management system can store information and track multiple vessels using sensors and data communications strategies.

Ship Management Software stores even the smallest amount of information gathered from different ships that are connected to system. Real time information about any particular ship like its name, latitude and longitude, current path and velocity can be easily accessed.

Some of the features of Ship and Fleet Management System:

  • Management of vessels, fuel consumption and invoices
  • Single interface to manage various modules of a system
  • Use of sensors to capture data for different purposes
  • Map integration with system to show exact vessel position in sea
  • Reports and charts to show the performance of a system
  • Information gathering for key ship areas like engine, speed propellers, fuel indicators and hull
  • Data query generation using predefined mathematical function
  • Real time offshore data analysis
  • Ease in evaluating Vessels performance

Our portfolio highlights our skills in delivering qualitative Fleet Management Software and Ship Management System, especially for handling voyages and vessels loaded with cargos.  We have developed both desktop and web based system. Hence for developing Fleet Management Systems we can prove to be a right choice as we have experience and being and offshore company we deliver solutions at low cost.