SharePoint 2013 Variations

Huge organizations have many people working in the same organization in different regions across the globe having different languages for communication. In general scenario regional language is more in to preference. As internet facilities are now easily available, websites are the most favorable and less expensive equipment for marketing purpose. Websites should be capable enough to provide content suitable to their target audiences across the globe. But maintaining the different sites with different languages is very difficult for content redundancy point of view.

How to Implement Remote Event Receiver in SharePoint Online

The scenario to deal with creating files in document libraries, adding/updating/deleting items in the SharePoint list, at times requirement emerges to perform some action on such events like sending notification, data manipulation on SharePoint lists or libraries, etc.

What does the future of SharePoint hold?

SharePoint would continue to be a very effective platform for business use and for many more. The enhancements only serve to boost the performance of the platform.

When it comes to the future of SharePoint Development, Microsoft would continue to provide on-premises version of the platform as long as there is market demand. Furthermore, Microsoft recognizes that on-premises would be around for some time, if not mostly in a form of hybrid environments.