Published: 21 July 2010
Web Development Company Finds Agile Web Development very Handy

Agile means swift and this holds true for, Agile web development process. The web development project is split up into various well defined phases and encourages active participation of the end users or customers in each and every phase of the project. The face-to-face interaction between project developers and the customers helps to clearly define the project goals and ensures that project progress in the right direction. This interaction also allows the developer to easily accommodate any changes recommended by the customer, during the course of the project development. This fructifies into development of a more customer-centric product, which completely fulfills the needs of the customer.

The web development company envisions the project goals and work accordingly in well defined pattern to reach those goals in a time-bound manner. This model follows a pre-decided path which includes requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing and documentation. This form of web development model lays emphasis on proper planning and   sequential progression of the project.

The web development company gains from this methodology because it gets regular feedback from the customers during various stages of the project. This helps it to customize the web applications easily during the development course, without wasting time on re-designing it. The applications are more customers oriented and free from errors, which in turn reduces the development time and cost.

The web development company can engage many development teams simultaneously on a single project, with each team working parallel to each other on different phases. This reduces the project cost as the results are delivered within stipulated time frame to the end users.

Agile web development model highly suitable for small timeline projects suitable. The bi-directional exchange of information and ideas between the web development company and their clients ensures that the project remains on the right course and in end delivers the desired results.


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