Published: 6 July 2010
Web development in Australia- Partnering with Indian IT Industry to Enhance e-Commerce

The Australian economy is growing thanks to immigrants who are shifting to Down Under in search of better opportunities. This has increased consumer demand and more people are setting up business to be part of the Australian growth story. Australian climate and its vast expanse offer a great challenge to the local business. Online business is the solution to this problem. Hence the Web development in Australia is picking up fast as it needs to deliver e-commerce solutions to its local economy.

The foreign IT companies have opened up extended offices Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Web development in Australia industry offers great opportunity for e-commerce developers. However Australia finds itself short of expert web developers and programmer, who have the knack to deliver cutting-edge web development solutions. This is where Indian IT companies can step in and lend their helping to fill this vacuum.

India has rich background in web development. It has been serving the world community through its talented software professionals for the last two decades. It is high time Indian companies grasp this golden opportunity offered by the Australian IT industry.

Web development in Australia stands to gain a lot from expertise of Indian PHP developers, who provide unparallel e-commerce development services. They are well versed in use of various e-commerce and online shopping tools like Magento, X-Cart, Zen–Cart, VirtueMart, PrestaShop and osCommerce. The e-commerce sites and online shopping carts allow the online buyers located, in any corner of Australia or world to shop online, at click of button. The Indian developers are deft in creating high customized online shopping carts, which literally interact with the clients and provide them the experience of real time shopping. The integrated secure payment and shipping management gateways, multiple currencies and language features facilitate smooth online transaction.

The developer ensures that the site is highly secure incorporating SSL technology. The security of the site is crucial in attracting the online shoppers because they so not want to put their transaction on an insecure site. The web developer uses latest technology like HTML5 and CSS 3 to visually enhance the e-commerce sites, through better web page structuring and content styling. The Flex applications augment the user experience through seamless integration of high scalable and interactive RIAs. The graphical representations, animations, video and audio clips allow the websites owner to interact, explain and demonstrate their products to online customers. The graphical representations quickly get the message across the board.

Thus Australia needs the expertise and experience of the Indian IT companies to build a robust e-commerce industry, which is necessary to propel the Australian economy forward.


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