Published: 11 May 2010
What are the Technical Benefits of BizTalk Development?

Business processing automation is a key for any enterprise looking for uninhibited growth. Microsoft BizTalk Server helps organizations to integrate their workflows and make rapid crucial decisions by defining and deploying an environment that manages the internal and external business processing efficiently. BizTalk development helps in enterprise application integration through an enterprise service bus and enables a fast messaging service on the intranet, hence automate business processing.

In addition to integrating and automating organization-wide business processing, BizTalk development has desirable and lucrative technical advantages such as:

  • Internal application and system integration for centralized control
  • Trading partner relationship creation and management through automated testing and deployment of those relationships
  • Precise solutions for industry verticals with accelerators
  • Business activity monitoring for transactions and processes in real time
  • A comprehensive rules engine that drives the whole organization with collaboration
  • Document and content transportation and routing services
  • Dynamic data transformation services
  • Centralized data source for streamlined business processing with minimum regulation
  • Powerful web-based business data analysis for quick and crucial decision making
  • Automated configuration, monitoring, administration, and management of the systems within and across organization barriers through unification
  • Comprehensive security with permission grant to users according to their hierarchy

The Microsoft BizTalk Server is based on a Publish-Subscribe model architecture that defines the messaging process of the complete server system. Messages are published over the server and active subscribers to the messages receive them in real time. The BizTalk Server uses adapters for communications with various protocols and software products. Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) is the underlying technology to run this automated enterprise messaging bus.


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