Our German Client, from artwork printing business, was willing to expand its business in such way that allows customers to access Company store from anywhere. Additionally, client wanted to provide Artwork creation facility to customers via online tool.

The main concept of project was to provide online facility for creating and customizing the Art Works. The idea behind this concept was to globalize the business using web based technologies. To achieve this objective, client came to TatvaSoft and discussed requirements with us. After reviewing requirements, we came up with the rich internet based solution, AD (Art and Design) Shop that helps to expand client's business.

AD Shop replicates most of the Photoshop features which allows user to create, upload, delete and order Art Work. Users can create artworks using different objects like text shapes (in triangle, square, rectangle, circle etc.), pictures, symbols and paint tools. The application also has support of two different languages.

Key challenges of the project were:
  • To create Text Symbols with different shapes.
  • To set the size of vector graphics in the Art Work area

AD Shop project was completed successfully by TatvaSoft with following features:

  • Banner Property: Let the user to choose banners and material type with size range of 1 cm x 1 cm to 99,999 cm x 99,999 cm.
  • Paint Tool: User can use pre-define shape and change its characteristics.
  • Text Symbols: To edit text in Art Work with different shape i.e. triangle, square, rectangle, circle etc.)
  • Symbol Selection: User can use logo for Art Work from this vast range of selection logos.
  • Image Selection: To insert images in current Art Work.
  • Upload: To upload symbols and images in database that can be used for Art Work. This web application let the user to upload images in number of file formats. ( *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.pdf, *.tif, *.tiff)
  • Save: To save the current Art Work.
  • Open: To open saved Art Work file.
  • Order summary: To calculate total price before order will be checked out.
  • Default Language: To change default language as per user role.
  • Users Management: To manage user's profile and order. This part of solution also allows authorized user to manage user's uploaded image and Art Work.
  • Shipping Management: To manage shipping options.
  • Materials: To manage the price and properties of each material, image, symbol, and text symbol as per user role
  • Authorized user can change the price for checking picture quality that uses VKF Renzel GmbH.
  • Provided some important functionality of Paint and Photoshop for editing. For example, user can move image/ text symbol back and forth as per the need.
  • Facility is provided to check image quality by VKF Renzel GmbH
  • Credit Card and PayPal payment option is provided for payment with different shipping options.

TatvaSoft successfully developed web application, AD Shop that allows user to customize Art Work using its vast range of images and text symbols. This solution let the user to create customized Art Work by using uploading image/logo feature and user friendly interface. The AD Shop application helped our client increasing its customer base by providing online artwork creation and ordering facilities.

  • OS: Windows Platform
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: FLEX, C# ASP.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework