Business Intelligence is a term used to describe applications that allow analysis of data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions. It can be described as the process of converting data into information and then into knowledge.

Business Intelligence generates a sustainable competitive advantage and enables companies to respond quickly to the changes occurring in financial conditions, customer preferences and supply chain operations.

It allows an organization to analyze report and budget against data that is locked away in numerous systems. This solution will also streamline business practices by giving users a single user friendly tool to access data across the organization.

Application Features
  • Application will drill through the clients organizational layers allowing data to be viewed from many perspectives. This provides the ability to focus on areas of interest or concern. Further drill down to the actual transactions from the core business system is possible for more detail.
  • Professional reports can be easily and quickly prepared from the data within the application, by use of one of the many reporting modules.
  • The dynamic graphical feature allows you to instantly display your data in a graphical form, whether it be a bar, line, pie or trend graph.
  • Users can also setup tolerances to display a tree chart that highlights variances through all the levels of the organization.
  • The budget module allows an organization to create, maintain, monitor and compare a multitude of different budgets with current data from multiple core business systems.
  • BI has been developed to allow the flexibility of assigning authorized users or groups, restricted access to specific/sensitive data from various organizational layers. All the security settings flow throughout all aspects of the application including reporting and budgeting.
  • Excel Report Writer module combines the best of both worlds. In one hand you have the power of data analysis in the Business Intelligence Solution and in the other you have the familiarity of the entire standard excel functionality. By combining both these applications we have been able to build an extremely powerful reporting tool.
  • View Constructor - By simply dragging and dropping key data into Excel, users can create an unlimited number of report templates. These templates can contain multiple reports from numerous different business systems. Once the data is in the template spreadsheet, users can then utilize all the functionality of excel to format and structure professional reports.
  • Server: Microsoft Window Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: ASP.Net, C# , FLEX, Web ORB
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework