Our customer required a web application for case management with following features and modules.

  • Case management
  • Bad checks
  • Delinquent tax
  • Reports

The challenges were to create "Dynamically Scrollable Grid", "Docket Control", "Key board navigation within grids" with desktop application look and feel for end users.


TatvaSoft offered custom web development solution with following features:

  • Users can manage arrest, create a case from arrest, file charges for a case
  • Document generation
  • Participant merging
  • Case transfer
  • Payment application
  • User authorizations
  • Case management
  • Action\Event entry
  • Defendant management
  • Docket control
  • Case dispositions
  • Sentencing management
  • Document generation
  • Evidence tracking
  • Bad checks, Delinquent tax
  • Victim services, Restitution tracking, Police arrest transfer
  • Court filing transfer, Criminal history reporting


The final product developed and delivered by TatvaSoft team was exactly as per the expectations in terms of efficiency and also at a reasonable cost to the client.

  • Server: Windows Server
  • Web Server
  • Programming Language:, C#
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Source Control: SVN
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio
  • Aspose.Words.dll
  • Ajax.dll
  • Ajax Toolkits