Traveller's Community
  • Category:Web Application
  • Industry:Travel & Hospitality
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, AJAX

A Community Website designed to help travellers plan their trip itinerary effectively with features like travel planning, internal chat application, multilingual support, social networking and many more.

Airways Intranet Management System
  • Category: SharePoint Application
  • Industry: Travel & Hospitality
  • Technologies: C#, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Rest API, JSOM, SharePoint 2016(On Premises)

The solution acted as a platform for internal managing of the documents, knowledge sharing, ideas, opinions etc. with other business units.

Musical Network
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Social Networking
  • Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Sphinx, HybridAuth, TCPDF

The web application served as a central portal for the musicians, which provided a platform to users as a dynamic way to organize bands and connect to a wide array of audiences.

Sharepoint Migration
  • Category: SharePoint Application
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Technologies: Moss 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, Telerik Controls, MS SQL server

We migrated the existing client solution to the SharePoint 2013, with taking the site and a group of site collection into consideration i.e. Account Management System and Property Management System.

Fair Management App
  • Category:Mobile Application
  • Industry:Public Sector
  • Technologies: Java, SQLite

The band based application for quick pay and renewable in the fair. No paper tickets needed. NFC based band acts as a ticket to each ride. A concept of scan, pay and play.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Technologies: Windows Server, PHP, MySQL, IIS, Zapatec, jQuery

Physical Therapy Management System helps control and track physical therapy activities at physiotherapy center.

Asset Reporting Tool
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Technologies: ASP.Net, C#, SSRS, Fleetmatics

It is mine management reporting tool which provides management of equipment, operators, shift and status of the equipment with equipment history and various reports.

Cab Reservation in Android and iOS
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Automobile
  • Technologies: CodeIgniter - PHP, jQuery, AngularJS,, Swift, Java

A platform from where the consumer can easily book the cab, pay for the ride, track cab, while the cab driver can simply sign up, quote the ride request, serve to accepted consumer’s request.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Financial
  • Technologies: Microsoft BizTalk Server, SWIFT Accelerator, Asp.Net, AJAX, MS SQL Server

Corporate message processing is used to process online ISO15022 message format MT564 or MT568 by converting into SWIFT XML using SWIFT Accelerator and apply complex business rules.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technologies: PHP, Cake PHP, My SQL, Apache, AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery

eCommerce website which acts as the common destination for gift givers, gift recipients and vendors.

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