Social networking site for australian community in PHP mysql programming
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Social Networking
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, AJAX

This Social Networking custom application was created for Australian community. This application has many features for community members like share photos, videos, arrange events and discuss happenings around the world.

Web application to buy and sell homes in C# and Sql Server
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.Net C#, MS SQL Server

City Living is the platform that enables real estate dealers to post property information for units on sale or lease to a central database using a GUI interface which helps end users to search, buy and rent property easily.

Car Classified App
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Automobile
  • Technologies: Xcode, Android Studio and Swift, Java, SQLite

The application helped end-users in accessing the list of cars and bikes with details within a few seconds and have a faster analysis and shopping experience.

ERP system based in C# and Sql Server
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Finance
  • Technologies: ASP.Net,C#, SSRS, Telerik controls

Enterprise Resource Planning System is a cloud based system. This solution has all the features of ERP system such as Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Fixed Assets, Bank, Accounts, HRMS, POS and dynamic dashboard.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL Server

The clinical management system is a web application that automates all daily activities of a clinic right from patient registration, scheduling, prescription and billing.

Asset Management
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Technologies: ASP.Net, C#

Asset Management System manages the asset inventory and automated the asset identification and allocation process. The system constituted dynamic configuration to proactively manage the assets and standardize the asset lifecycle process with various reports generation for the timely analysis.

Website For Logistics in Sharepoint
  • Category: SharePoint Application
  • Industry: Shipping and Logistic
  • Technologies: SharePoint 2013, PowerShell Script ,C#, MS SQL Server

The client desired to have a mobile support for his existing Application that collectively and effectively maintains and manages the information. It was an online public facing solution from which users can track their goods delivery and even receive news and events related to company information right from the solution.

Slide Connect
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technologies: PHP, Magento, MySQL

E-commerce Application helped professionals to purchase the charts, logo, presentations directly from the website.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Printing
  • Technologies: FLEX, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server

The Art and Design shop enables the customers to access the online store from anywhere. The users can utilize the online tool to create artworks and intricate design patterns.

Case management system for legal industry
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry:  Legal
  • Technologies: C# , ASP .Net, Microsoft .NET Framework

Seamless integrated solution “Case Management System” that helps to centralize vital case information and enables easy and effective management.

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