Our client wanted to develop a community website which can act as "software as a service". This website will allow its' customers to create their own social networks instantly. It will also allow them to administer and modify those social networks to a limited extent, while having the flexibility to provide customization of features and appearance.

Key challenges of the project were:
  • Social community site creation tool
  • To manage multiple database servers
Core features of Community Site Creator Tool:
  • An affiliate social networking website which allows users to create their own website after they are subscribed and authorized by main website admin
  • An administration tool for the social network platform for each user to manage their own sub domain
  • A widget that integrates with the user's website that acts as a portal to the social network
  • A master back-end administration tool for activation/de-activation/regulation of the social networks
  • Social communities features:
    • Various template selection for website
    • Create and meet friends
    • Import friends from yahoo, google, msn etc.
    • Share photos, videos, audios etc.
    • Join/unjoin groups, forums and events
    • Blogging facility
    • Manage polls and surveys
    • Integrated couponing systems where users can use our couponing system to market to their members and entice them to join
    • Integrated mass mailing to send mail blasts to the members to communicate with them
    • Connect to facebook friends

  • Server: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Framework: Dolphin
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database: My SQL
  • Scripting Language: AJAX, JavaScript