Our client wanted to develop a corporate action Message Translation System which reads a messaging file like ISO 15022, parse and processes it, make adjustments to the messages that make up that file by applying a set of user-defined rules and send the messaging file to its intended source.

Corporate Message Processing
Core features of the Corporate Message Processing System:
  • Creating an online application which is connected to BizTalk Server.
  • Handling multi file format like ISO 15022 (MT564 and MT568).
  • File Transfer and Interoperability with business process management.
  • Web based complex business rule editor.
  • Xml schema validation.
  • Transforming message from one format to different format.
  • Raising the alert if any error occurred.
  • Authorized every action performed by the user based on the level of the user and action.
  • Audit trial log for action performed by the user.
  • Creating the policy and rule using the web based Business Rule Composer.
  • SWIFT Accelerator to parse the ISO15022 (MT564 and MT568) message format.
  • Message format transformation using the XSLT.
  • Custom pipeline component for message parsing and raising alert.
  • Web based Business Policy Editor.
  • Keep audit log of user action
  • Validating xml file using the xml schema (XSD).
  • Message reconciliation for the failed message.
  • Server Operating System: Windows Server
  • Server Product : BizTalk Server
  • Frame Work: .Net Framework
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Tools: Silverlight
  • Development Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio