Our client based in Texas, U.S.A. wanted to develop a Web Application to centrally manage a network of widely distributed Digital Signage Systems. The client wanted an application which can enable the signage to display digital media dynamically at a scheduled time on the LED screens. The Client's concept behind developing this application was to create and play various advertisements and messages on signage form remote place.

Key challenges of the project were:
  • Communication between web application and the player software
  • Display size fit to smaller display like 64x64
  • To pull content, display content and send log to control system
Core features of the Digital Signage System:
  • User can manage the Signage's to:
    • Check current communication status
    • Provide the playlist information
    • Create the playlist schedule for predefined dates
  • User can add any contents like text, images, animations, video, audio in playlist
  • User can create Design on Canvas with:
    • Specified width and height
    • Other facilities like crop, rotate, flip, grayscale and add text
  • User can maintain his personal profile and billing information
  • User can manage signage status and can view schedule logs
  • User can generate reports of "Usage and Billing" for specific signage for customer between specific dates
  • Admin can manage signage details such as IP address, resolution, mode etc.
  • Admin can also manage the media file formats and size
  • Allowing user for the delivery of real-time content driven by location, demographics, and promotions
  • Using our application, client achieved 50% reduction in printing and logistic cost as the changes were made electronically
  • Better control of marketing and advertising plans as the team could control the screens in real time
  • It enabled our client to provide vibrant, media-rich messages directed to the right audience-anytime, anywhere
  • Server Operating System: Windows Platform
  • Frame Work: Microsoft .NET
  • Web Server: Windows Server
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Scripting Language : Javascript