• Category: Web Application and custom desktop application
  • Industry: Finance
  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server

Financial Data Sync Tool is an application which allows end customers to process confidential financial data and synchronize with server.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Financial
  • Technologies: Microsoft BizTalk Server, SWIFT Accelerator, Asp.net, AJAX, Microsoft SQL Server

Corporate message processing is used to process online ISO15022 message format MT564 or MT568 by converting into SWIFT xml using SWIFT Accelerator and apply complex business rules.

Case management system for legal industry
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry:  Legal
  • Technologies: Microsoft C# , ASP .Net, Microsoft .NET Framework

Seamless integrated solution “Case Management System” that helps to centralize vital case information and enables easy and effective management.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server

Insurance Management system is a browser based application for organizations who wants to maintain, manage and control insurance policies, incidents and claims.

  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Technologies: Linux, PHP, Zend PHP, MySQL, Apache

Web application for a third party service provider which acts as intermediary in insurance claim settlement process for lost jewelry items.

Purchase Order System
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Finance
  • Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Activiti/Camunda BPMN, Oracle

Purchase Order system is a java based application for purchase order processes using light-weight work flow “Activiti” and Business Process Management (BPM) platform. It is managing material requests, quotations, purchase planning and purchase order invoice to suppliers.

Financial Information System
  • Category: Intranet Portal
  • Industry: Finance
  • Technologies: Microsoft SharePoint, C#

The application helps in decision making process by providing service based costing, budget forecasting, and configurable account statement with service cost in secured manner.