Our client based in Belgium required a combination of hardware and software system that collects, elaborates, compares and displays all key information about a ship like engine, fuel indicator, speed propellers, hull, etc. Various kinds of sensors are placed into the ship which send details to remote server.

The Fleet management application collects all the data continuously from all the sensors and displays them alphanumerically and graphically in different branch of the ship, such as the bridge, the engine control room, the master's office, the chief engineer's office, etc. The application is built with greater control, consistent quality, reliable distribution, fast turn-around, and lower costs.

Key challenges were
  • Allow users to create data queries using mathematical function
  • Validate data queries
  • Generates various charts using selected queries for ships
  • Displays real time ship path on world map
  • Data analysis

TatvaSoft provided a solution (FLEET SURVEY) that worked as a solution for a modern, cost effective fleet management.

  • Sailing performance optimization on board
  • Ship to shore information bridge
  • Ashore online data analysis
  • Automatically send warning messages to on duty officer
  • Full ship data life time continuous logging
  • Off line data analysis
  • Round the clock world wide access to ship's actual performance

Fleet Survey, enables user to use all the ship data for immediate profit and cost effective decision-making. Furthermore, statistical analysis of collected data compared to real-time acquired data will allow shipping company to optimize their operations and increase their outcome. Operators are given all the functionalities to extract any data from any ship in the database, create data queries by using various data-columns and mathematical functions, and generate various charts for single/multiple ship data using generated queries. Thus the operator provided various functionalities in generated charts like Colors, XY labelling, Cursor switch arrow to crosshair, Guidelines in the diagrams, zoom, etc. In addition we provided the function to locate/track ship position between selected data range on the world map.

  • Server: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Programming Language: ASP.Net, C#
  • Database: MySQL, Firebird
  • Project Management Tool: MS Visio