Our customer works as a golf coach. He required a windows based custom application which allows simultaneous capture and display of real-time 3D bio-mechanical data from magnetic trackers. This data can be used by golf coaches for training purpose.

They wanted an Expert System that incorporates Data Capture, Display and Analysis Tool and a Report Generator. The Expert System will allow the computer to analyze data captured while a golfer hits golf balls and it will produce the following output:

  • A synthesized bio-mechanical report that highlights the strengths/weaknesses of a golfer's body movements (The swing)
  • A priority list of the deficiencies of a golfer's movement pattern allowing the teaching professional/golfer to prioritize corrections in order of importance
  • Suggested drills and activities (including both technical and physical ones) that are known to be effective in improving the areas of concern
  • Bio-feedback parameters and ranges (specific to that person) that will allow the coach/player to readily and Easily use bio-feedback training for skill acquisition
  • Creating animation of golfer based on data received from sensors
Key challenges were:
  • Selection of the best platform and software development environment for development
  • Demonstration of successful communication between the host computer and the capture device
  • Capturing data at 240 Hz from six different sensors without missing a single record.
  • Reading of data files and verification of data
  • Defining the ways in which data will enter the computer
  • Initial preparation of data prior to analysis
  • Selection of the best way to ensure time synchronization of 3D motion capture system signals
  • Digital signal processing
  • Defining the standard view of 3D animation (swing)
  • Critical frame/instant in time determination
  • Variable calculations
  • Report and table generation, authoring, formatting and publishing
  • Selection of file storage format for data
  • Selection of appropriate animation models/meshes for display
  • Re-sizing of animation models/meshes to match with individual golfer's dimensions
  • Development of simple tools for drawing objects no animation
  • A comparison of the golfer's swing with a perfect swing

TatvaSoft provided a solution that was highly effective in managing the process of capturing data from tracker, 3D animation, variable calculation and report generation while meeting the following requirements:

  • Providing best development platform and environment
  • Successful communication with the computer and capture device
  • Reading or capturing 3d data from trackers (capture device) and save it at the rate of 240 data per second from each sensor
  • Verification and synchronization of data
  • Digital signal processing
  • Defining standard view for 3d animation
  • Better graphical user interface
  • Facilitating easy variable calculations with selection functionality
  • Providing export functionality for variables as well as data
  • Generating different graphical reports
  • In-built customization of reporting tools
  • Better comparison with perfect golf swing
  • Functionality of keeping track records of all trained players with skill sets.
  • Server: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft Access
  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Graphical Tool: Dundas Chart
  • Reporting Tool: Crystal Report