Client wanted to develop a web-based application which can help organizations to maintain, manage and control insurance policies of its employees. He wanted it to be customizable, innovative and adaptive to serve the needs of different organizations. Application required features like claim management, policy management, incident management and certification of insurance modules in single application.


TatvaSoft created custom application with following features.

  • Policy Module
    • Keep track of all polices applicable to all line of businesses and cost centers.
    • Includes policy type, carrier and broker information.
    • Includes policy features like coverage for fire, flood and wind
  • Claim Management
    • Keep track of all claims applicable to all business lines like worker compensation, auto liability, general liabilities, property liabilities and executive risk
    • Includes necessary details of claim
    • Helps to schedule payment (single & reoccurring). Easy vendor set up and payment features.
  • Certificate of Insurance Module
    • Generates insurance letters and related documents and email to claimant as well as insurance company.
    • Regenerates insurance letter
    • Keep track of insurance documents.
  • Risk Management
    • Manage and maintain risk profiles to claim insurance policies
    • Helps to monitor and control cost of risk.
    • Customized reporting and data analysis
  • Incident Module
    • Manage and maintain insurance details which are relevant for claims.
    • Manage the incident details, claimed equipment and settlement


Risk management insurance application we developed covers functional requirements for client. Client is serving this product to fortune 500 companies who are highly satisfied with the outcome.

  • Server: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Web Server: IIS Server
  • Programming Language:, C#
  • Framework: Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Database: SQL Server