The client had the web application which helped the authenticated members of association to view the details about the legislators and polls. But it lacked the ability to view and access the content when away from PC or desktop or without internet. In order to overcome this and get benefit of rising consumption and popularity of iPad, the client wished to have an iPad application which will provide data on iPad and save the data locally to be available when offline.

With the approach of synchronizing the data, below goals and objectives which were of the prime considerations were achieved and made accessible to authenticated members:

  • History about the past polls and results separated for each year
  • Offline PDF viewing
  • Detailed information about legislators, bills and committees
  • Searching and Google Maps displaying the location about district view house
  • Ability to vote and get the latest updates for current polls

An instinctive and slick designed iPad application was brought into existence keeping in mind client's aim and requirements. Giving a platform to client's needs TatvaSoft successfully delivered an iPad application named "Legislators iPad Application" for iOS platform accommodating the below features:

  • Access to members of association to view about the committee votes and legislators' business support scores
  • Search of bills, committees, legislators along with detailed view for each
  • District wise searching of the houses of association and representation on Google Maps with the score information
  • Offline support to PDF browsing for past polling results and biographies
  • Graphical representation for score comparisons
  • Latest updates about policies and scores
  • Ability to support for the current discussion about policy by polling vote

The iPad application 'Legislators', a service offered by TatvaSoft, increased the mobility and consumption of existing web application. By bringing necessary features in the iPad app from the available existing system, helped members of the association to browse through important content and have a quick look over the voting results along with access to the past voting records on their iPad. It also overcomes the need to be near the laptops or PC to vote or wait for it to get updated when away from the PC.

  • Operating System: iOS
  • Device Support: iPad with both orientation support
  • Database: SQLite
  • Programming Language & Tools: Objective C, Xcode