Nurse Hiring
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Technologies: iOS, SQLite

A platform through a caretaker can be booked easily and reports and statistic data would have been calculated for further reference. This application helps the user to know about different caretakers with their availability and speciality.

Fitness Program
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Technologies: PhoneGap, HTML5, PHP

A highly featured hybrid mobile application for online fitness and health where the customer can define workout needs and customize workout plan as their need without compromising with the final result.

Sneaker Store
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technologies: Swift, Xcode

Developed m-commerce application served as a platform for buying and selling sneakers and shoes online.

Retail Mobile Store
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Technologies: Swift, Xcode and SQLite

iPhone Application provided the user's faster-shopping experience for those who have no time for visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

Fire Inspection App
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Technologies: PHP, Swift and Xcode, Java & Eclipse

The need of a solution was envisioned to surpass the loopholes for the agencies of fire inspection, for eliminating the scope of human error with an intervention of logical and validation methods on a cloud-based Web and Mobile Application.

Car Classified App
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Automobile
  • Technologies: Xcode, Android Studio and Swift, Java, SQLite

The application helped end-users in accessing the list of cars and bikes with details within a few seconds and have a faster analysis and shopping experience.

Loan Information
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Legal
  • Technologies: Swift, Java and Xcode, Android Studio

This application acted as the platform to manage the loan system and allow their customers to contact them and make an inquiry according to the needs.

Kids Learning Mobile Application
  • Category: Mobile App
  • Industry: Education & Learning
  • Technologies: iOS, SQLite

iPad based application is to enhance the methodology of learning basics for kids, to embrace knowledge with fun. Parents can login and give access to an application to kids to learn new tricks about writing through note system where kids can type, change the type of fonts, size of fonts, color of fonts.

Hotel Revenue Management
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Travel & Hospitality
  • Technologies: MVVM, ORM, Silverlight, Expression Blend, C#, iOS

Employee Rating Application
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Social Networking
  • Technologies: Xcode, Swift, MS SQL

The mobile application allowed the user to rate the employees of any restaurant based on different criteria and also in return user gets some rewards.

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