The Client based in Melbourne, Australia wanted to develop a community website for the professionals in the creativity area. He required the community website to be a global effort designed to influence, affect and involve diverse creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration. The Creative Communities website has defined the way forward for the creative design industries hence it has been termed as the catalyst for this movement.

The Creative Communities website targets to inspire a worldwide community of creative minds; with reach into the advertising, design, photography, film and television markets.

Key challenges of the project were:
  • Home page having movable widget with user personalization.
  • Fetching data from RSS feeds and process.

TatvaSoft came up with the solution, which was a complete community website with following features:

  • My inspirations/Light box which allows select, save and share favorite artist/studio/agency along with few other features.
  • News feeds with multiple personalization options based on country, popularity and other parameters.
  • TV commercials, print commercials and music videos
  • Photographs and design galleries
  • Latest uploads based on categories, country and popularity
  • Newsletters, podcasts, email/sms notifications etc.
  • View and select location from world map.
  • Weather updates
  • Dynamic image and video catalogue
  • Dynamic search and sort of content
  • Dynamic search and sort of content
  • Video warehouse/Transfer system to upload large video files, via FTP connection

  • Server: Linux
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Programming Language: PHP, Curl
  • Database: MySQL
  • Scripting Language: Javascript and AJAX