Client is based in US and is an IT solutions provider and web integrator. Client service and support staff are highly knowledgeable and completely dedicated to their client satisfaction. Client is continuously expanding as the IT market which evolves in response to the growth of domestic and global economies.

Client was willing to have a highly featured online solution where the information can be effectively maintained, updated, deleted and managed. The application has multiple levels of automation that are customizable based upon each department's unique needs.

The key challenges faced during implementation of the application are:

  • A web-based solution that is adaptive, innovative, light weight and capable of catering the needs of different types.
  • Implementation of multiple tasks including daily scheduling, relief management, overtime, private duty, and leave management.
  • Implementation of the interactive tracking, real time location and reporting services.
  • A system should also be highly reliable and scalable to protect the client data.
  • Individual modules for the specific task.
  • Allow monitoring the personal schedules and own attendance information.
  • A system capable of managing different info and reports.

TatvaSoft developed a web based scheduling application named - "Public Safety Application" which consolidates of 3 sub applications providing the purposed features:

Computer Aided Dispatch

  • Manage the events or complaints that need immediate actions and team
  • Even Generation and assignment to the Dispatcher team
  • Real-time location tracking of the tram
  • Change in Event Status
  • Event log in RMS

Record Management System (Tab Friendly Web Application)

  • Dynamic workflow for verification of reports at different levels
  • Survey answers for each can be stored
  • One way secured hash password for security purposes
  • Detailed log maintenance of each logged in user along with the inset/edit/delete activity logs
  • Front /side snap from webcam and stored as mugshot of person
  • GEO MAP implementation for live tracking the team on duty
  • POST Training module to show information of training to be provided

Traffic Citation (For on-road cobs or in-office Supervisors)

  • Log the violation rules and generate a ticket for it
  • Record written warning, verbal warning, infraction ticket or even for arrest
  • System is attached to mobile printers
  • Can be accessed in offline mode also

Mobile Supported Web Application

  • GIS live integrated layered maps
  • Advance Search capability for information in RMS
  • Intuitive and flexible reporting capability
  • Fetch data from CAD to create case report
  • Instant Messaging allows easy, real-time for communication between officers and dispatch center
  • Notifications and Announcements

Secured Document System

  • Law Enforcement and Non-Law Enforcement person can view, download, or print the FBI or CBI findings on a criminal or other related information. The system with enhanced user security to access the information.

Client gained colossal benefits from TatvaSoft’s end-to-end services. TatvaSoft's provided solution stimulated client’s business with time-saving and cost effectiveness. TatvaSoft successfully developed an application which automated scheduling application which met the rigorous needs of different public safety departments. It provided the direct and secure access to all authorized users.

  • Tools & Technologies: C#, MVC, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Third Party: Infragistics Tools, Telerik