A customer required a windows based custom application for managing the voyage of the vessels, invoice and fuel consumption. The application has additional features such as information sharing, project scheduling and follow up, document filing, vessel attendance and map to track vessel's position.

The system continuously collects various data from all the ship sensors and displays them alphanumerically and graphically in various key sites of the ship, such as the bridge, the engine control room, the master's office, the chief engineer's office, etc. The application offers greater control, consistent quality, reliable distribution, fast turn-around.

Key challenges were
  • Data synchronization between sensors and application

The shipping management application helps client to maintain technical and business aspects of the voyages undertaken by the vessels. The application is an interface where all the company's operations will be consolidated from the varied modules, notifications and all the information will be managed through one central interface.

Application core features:
  • Integration with the map to show the vessel positions.
  • Easy Invoice generation and follow up.
  • Quick Notification about various activities
  • Scheduling and assignment of projects with the reminders
  • Inbuilt secure file sharing system to facilitate filing of photos, creation of drawing libraries
  • Knowledge sharing tool with quick and easy searching facility
  • Allow scheduling of the attendance(inspection) on the vessels
  • Performance Monitoring Tool to measure the performance of departments
  • Informative charts to display voyage statistics graphically

The ship management system has all the functional requirements for the client to keep watch over the voyages made by the vessels. With the help of this application, the manual and the tedious work was reducing adversely and the client was easily growing his business with less efforts.

The application was proposed to forecast scheduling based on various parameters. It provides the scalable framework which operates to get result within specific time duration with all in hand facility for maintenance of this system.

  • Operating System: Windows OS
  • Framework: Microsoft .net Framework
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Express
  • Third Party Tool: Nevron .net vision, Google Map API