Client is based in USA and is a leading supplier of POS systems in the country. It provides its client with POS systems, electronic cash registers and credit card processing terminals. In order to fulfill the Support Ticket Management needs of its customers, the client decided to develop a web based system that fulfills below objectives:

  • A system capable of automating Ticket Generation processes which should manage issues raised by client, display of related details of the issue to the employees who are going to address them.
  • Display support tickets of all departments on dashboard with a singular screen for higher management to have a bird’s eye view on the support work going on.
  • A web based solution that is adaptive, innovative and capable of catering the needs of different customers.
  • Handling a database with large number of records without compromising performance

TatvaSoft designed and developed a web based solution named “Ticket Management System” that manages all the support issues raised by their products users. It is an online portal that helps customers to get their issues raised via ticket and get them rectified without investing much of their time and cost.

Following are the important core features of Support Ticket Management:

  • Fetch emails
    • System can fetch emails from configured email addresses and generate tickets and notify merchant/customer regarding ticket creation notification.
    • Data is handled by various screens and easy navigation between them.
    • System will generate tickets based on mapped groups, and each assigned user within the group can work on that tickets.
  • >Command center Dashboard
    • Effective dashboard for higher management that helps them to get a quick view with range of items to display such as department wise ticket overview, graph for open tickets, employees who are working on different tickets, escalated or passed on tickets or merged tickets.
  • >Priority/Escalated/Transfer/Merge Ticket
    • Optional feature that allows employees who are working on multiple tickets to prioritize their work and rectify the urgent issues first and prioritize them.
    • Escalate and transfer tickets feature that allows employees to transfer their work to their colleagues and same notifying the client as well as escalating it to other department in the event when help of other department or any person is necessary.
    • If two or more issues are same, then Merge ticket feature can combine all of them to minimize the time lost rectifying all of them separately.
  • Reports
    • Web-based platform wherein client and higher management both can have various reports category and sub category wise associated with each department.
    • Total work time of tickets category and sub category wise and department wise.
    • Yearly reports that shows open/closed tickets in last year.

The client drew immense benefits by virtue of its association with TatvaSoft. Customers can just email their issue and get them resolved without dialing up the support center. Consolidation of all these support tickets from email box and related information of issues raised in tickets at a single place and access to right information at right time is the niche of the project.

  • Tools & Technology: Visual studio, C# .NET, MVC, Kento UI
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Architecture: n-tier