Enabling CORS by implementing proxy server for Apollo GraphQL API integration in React Application

Frequently Apollo GraphQL API which is also known as GraphQL over REST API needs to be integrated with frontend application which is built using React or React Native technology. In the usual scenario, both GraphQL API and the React application are hosted on the same domain. But in a specific scenario, we required to develop the react application with the Apollo GraphQL API which is already hosted on some domain other than the domain of the hosted React application. Such scenario leads to challenge, as Apollo GraphQL API does not allow cross-origin request/response while application development due to security reasons.

Why does web application development requires expertise?

Web application development is no more limited to create web page with few images and some content. It has become more complex and requires expertise knowledge. Since a decade there has been a tremendous increase in the dependency on web. People from all across the world have been using web and find it reliable for most of their information, product or service needs. Due to this ever booming demand, the companies offering web development services are more cautious to improve their performance and produce exceptionally good quality solutions to beat the competition.

5 Factors Make Custom Application Development Fast and Less Expensive

Present day companies very well understand the importance of a tailor made software and hence prefer tailor made software as compared to the ready to use software. This becomes challenging for a custom application development company if in case they are unable to cope with the demand while they also have to ensure that they benefit from each custom application development project.

Ship and Fleet Management System helps in accurate vessel tracking and data analysis

Fleet Management Software allows organizations to efficiently handle various management related tasks for fleets of vehicles, ships, and airplanes.