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Energy and Utilities Software Development and Customization

Smart energy and utility based software applications to track, monitor, and save on energy consumptions.

Energy & Utilities service industry is encountering varied business and operational complexities. Most Oil & Gas companies across the world are facing difficult times due to the rise in commodity prices, intense competition for the reserves, uneven demand and majorly the need for new technology. The Australian utility industry is going through a similar period owing to the increasing consumer and regulatory demands and the adaptation to the new technologies.

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Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry around the world is confronted with distinct challenges like the ever-increasing global competition, scarcity in terms of talented and skilled resources, to be cost-effective and lastly to invest in the latest technology. In a nutshell, the main dilemma faced by them is - To decide what is core to their operations and what is not.

TatvaSoft's vast expertise gained by years of experience in custom software development will help companies overcome this dilemma by developing efficient energy software solutions. We have empowered many downstream users of the oil & gas industry. One such Oil and Gas Software of ours has helped the client in avoiding the fatal accident by analyzing the information gathered from the good bore sensors. Moreover, we have developed the most advanced gravel pack modelling and data analysis solutions which are used for gravel pack designing and optimization.


Utility companies can achieve success through constant innovation and enhanced business efficiency. Thus they are always in search of intelligent and effective systems that will reduce their operating costs, resolve problems quickly and utilize renewable sources of energy to the fullest.

Bearing in mind these requirements TatvaSoft deployed a custom solution that helped our clients in actualizing various business benefits like high fault tolerance, low downtime and less human interruption and dependencies. It also delivered ecological benefits like less energy consumption and reduction in CO2 emissions.

To meet the ever- increasing consumer demands and adapt new technologies, look no further than TatvaSoft.

Energy and Utilities Software Development Experience

Our Comprehensive experience as a leading Energy & utilities software development company has empowered businesses with smart apps that track and save utilities like power, electricity, gas and water.

  • An energy management software which Processes and represents data in powerful 2D and 3D charts for detail analysis
  • Comparison of multiple scenarios within a project to conduct "what if" analysis
  • Performs complex and cumbersome calculations accurately for surface tension, pressures, viscosity, gas heat capacity and many more.
  • Ability to communicate with devices or equipment
  • Device maintenance facilities
  • Remote management and control of devices

Energy and Utilities Software Development Case Studies

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