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Well Dynamics


One of our UK Based clients wanted us to develop a Desktop Application to facilitate users to enter the specification about the oil well and plot different types of the chart using different types of data files. The user can calculate various data for a particular well at each foot up to well depth. They wanted a tool which can help calculating risk factors for Gas flow, temperature, pressure, viscosity etc. at every foot of well.

Key challenges were:

  • Loading various types of data from different file types generated from measurement devices
  • Handling different units of various quantities throughout the project
  • Complex calculations pertaining to pressure, temperature, casing, viscosity, etc.
  • Handling data files with multiple formats like .dts, .dtd, .xls, .csv
  • Handling statistical information for depth correction and normalization
  • Incorporating user views and comments in order to assist in the analysis
  • Dynamic report generation facility

Addition to the above, the client wanted an application with intuitive GUI and windows interface, flexible data access, quality charts, powerful graphical capabilities, integrated with completion and log data and coupled with wellbore trajectories in the solution


  • Server

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Framework

    Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Tools & Technologies

    C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, Entity Framework, Google maps, Google Charts


TatvaSoft provided a solution called Well Analysis Tool that was extremely useful and efficient with following features:

  • Project Management:
    • This module manages all the project details. It shows the user a list of all the project with a facility to add, modify and even delete the project.
  • Reports:
    • Summarized reports generated dynamically that give a bird's eye view of things actually occurring
  • Data Loading and Processing:
    • Data can directly be loaded from data files (.dts, .dtd, .xls, .csv, etc.) and quickly gets transformed into graphical forms and charts that can be scrutinized to arrive at conclusions
    • Depth Correction and Normalization can be applied over the data too.
  • Data Calculations:
    • Accurate calculations are carried out by the application for numerous quantities like surface tension, pressures, viscosity, gas heat capacity and many more
    • Measurement units can be changed as per convenience at any point of time in the system and calculations take effect accordingly
  • Analysis and Interpretation:
    • Data for Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Layer Definitions, etc. are plotted on graphs to deliver quality statistics representation of the data
    • Loads of data is effectively interpreted through commercial and powerful 2D and 3D charts that are powered by enriched graphics and can be zoomed and rotated at an angle to give a clear picture of the scenario. The charts and graphs can even be combined and overlaid, to make crisp comparisons
  • User Support:
    • Logbook functionality is incorporated to enable users to log their views/comments/notes that can assist analysis
    • Help is available for every single screen in the application.
    • Queries can also be sent for response and assistance along with concerned files
    • Handy tooltips are present to guide the user for each option
  • Well Management:
    • Gather well details
    • Manage data related to temperature, pressure, MD Vs. TVD, casing, completion (Tubing, Accessory, Crossover, Gap Component), reservoir layer and others


TatvaSoft's end-to-end services helped them in realizing their business goals. It benefitted them in the following way as new features and functionalities were added.

  • Well Analysis has proved to be a robust utility for the oil and gas industry.
  • User can analyse particular well by providing required data and make various calculations based on it.
  • The application makes cumbersome and complex calculations for the well accurately.

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