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Asset Reporting Tool


The client maintains and operates billions of dollars of fixed and mobile assets, and the management of these assets has a profound impact on the performance of their organization where just 1% improvement can add tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line. In order to have better control over resources for the gold mines, our client decided to launch an online application that helps to streamline their operational procedures in effective and efficient manner.

Asset Reporting Tool has a wide range of goals and objectives that thoroughly suits Energy & Mining domain out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Better manage and service capital equipment
  • Capture production and exploration information with configurable time periods and units of measure
  • Transactional analysis to provide costing at multiple levels in the most precise manner
  • Workflow management of procurement and internal resources that are dynamically linked to cost centers
  • Implement specific production strategies using an extensive set of mining tools
  • Manage the highly variable raw materials often with sparse information available to predict and plan for variations
  • Manage complex assets in remote locations when production and profitability relies on predictable asset availability


  • Technologies

    Microsoft ASP.Net, C#

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • External Tools or Components

    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Fleetmatics (GPS fleet/vehicle Tracking service)


TatvaSoft designed and developed Microsoft .Net technology based online management system named Asset Reporting Tool.

The solution offers following features

  • Provide summary information on total load actually transferred against the planned load by different fleets, for the particular period of time
  • Provide shift wise (Day or Night) production summary for the specified period of time
  • Managing information on actual Gold produced against the amount of Gold mined and production planned
  • Capturing the live information of fleets & transportation trucks into the system, provided by Fleetmatic services and synchronizing the same with application data
  • Provision to get information on material, machines and equipment that includes production, availability, utilization and status details
  • Managing allocation of equipment, operators, trucks, excavators and fleets facility
  • Based on critical production parameters such as machine utilisation, machine downtime and the reason for downtime identify the performance of equipment as well as operators
  • Generating valuable information and reports on achieved production, quality, equipment utilization, operator-wise production and breakdown hours, etc.
  • Reports
    • Production Summary - Shift wise (Day or Night) production summary report
    • Material Placement - Information on types of material placed at mining site
    • Machine Utilization - Status wise machine utilization report
    • Down Machines- Down time information for machines
    • Gold Production Comparison - Information of gold produce, poured and mined
    • Material Movement - Information on load transferred from source to destination site


Lowers operational costs and total cost of ownership, the ready availability of information allowing faster and better decision-making, real-time display of fleet information and monitoring of entire mining operations, improved operational efficiencies, reduced production risk, higher confidence levels, greater control, improved asset and business performance and increased revenue with maximum profitability.

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