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Smart and reliable Shipping Transport and logistics app development services for on-time delivery and tracking

Globalization has given an impetus to Shipping, Transport and Logistics industry. Availing products from across the world that too at low rates and within a short span of time was a distant dream. Technology has changed the very definition of instantaneous. The revenue generated by the Shipping, Transport and Logistics Industry in Australia accounts for almost 15% of GDP. These industries provide immense growth opportunities and the potential of these industries can be tapped only by the effective use of technology.

We at TatvaSoft enable companies to capitalize these opportunities by overcoming the various contingencies that occur in terms of quality and cost with the help of our proficient resources. As a software development company with years of experience, we have a lucid experience in developing software for transport business, cargo software and we continuously improve ourselves thus honing our expertise. This ultimately leads to the creation of successful and secure solutions that help our clients to improve and enhance return on investment and identify theft through GPS enabled fleet tracking, route optimization, vehicle maintenance, synchronizing supply channel and resource management. To conclude we create a complete Supply Chain & Logistics Software Solutions.

To meet the ever- increasing consumer demands and adapt new technologies, look no further than TatvaSoft.

Shipping & Logistics Software Development Experience

Our diversified experience in developing apps for Shipping, Transport and Logistic businesses has enabled clients with consistent tracking, continuous updates and real-time decision making power.

  • Implemented a complete supply chain management solution which manages each process including orders, dispatch, shipping, storage, receiving goods, bin transfers, etc.
  • Real-time logistics software named fleet tracking system to view current (or last when GPS device connection was active) fleet location on the map
  • Geo-fencing to define virtual perimeter on geographic areas with a specific interest
  • Communicate messages, stop address and other information to the fleet driver
  • Complete control of assets and staff activities
  • Interfacing with 911 call handling and background check programs
  • Provides real-time information on the location of caller and incident
  • Support rule-based response plan management
  • Multi-agency response that ensures correct combination of people and equipment arrival
  • Transport software solution for a US based vehicle maintenance company
  • Inventory and warehouse management software for a European client
  • Comprehensive solution for managing the maintenance of vehicles including effectively record and manage services and repair of the vehicle, preventive maintenance, inspections, task management and monitoring, tracking maintenance histories and ensuring compliance with government legislation

Shipping & Logistics Software Development Case Studies

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