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Vehicle Maintenance Manager Using Microsoft Silverlight


The client provides vehicle maintenance services on contractual basis which is facing problems in government legislation due to the ever-expanding need for maintaining subsidized vehicles. In order to fill the gaps in the current business processes and extend functionality in the legacy system, they decided to develop a system that manages their business operations effectively. The system should perform maintenance and administration of subsidized vehicles conforming to the Subsidized Motor Transport Scheme.

"Vehicle Maintenance Manager" has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • A solution that standardizes and streamlines maintenance processes for subsidized vehicles
  • Facility of administering fuel claims
  • Provide compliance with Government legislation and legacy systems
  • Ability to deliver the right information to right stakeholder of the system through fax, SMS and email
  • Devising a system that reduces the involvement of manpower and time for all communications


  • Architecture:

    Model-View-View-Model (MVVM)

  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • External Tools or Components:

    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Technology:

    Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Blend,Microsoft C#.Net


TatvaSoft developed a web-based "Vehicle Maintenance Management System", using Silverlight technology having following core features:

  • Set Up
    • This module takes care of master data like maintenance expense codes, fuel types, manufacturers, models, model categories and model variants, bank detail, etc.
  • Reports
    • Maintenance, fuel, client, financial, profit-loss, expense analysis and many other reports have been developed for easy analysis and decision support
  • End-to-End Fuel Claim Administration
    • System captures request for fuel log-sheet claim from the subsidized vehicle owner.
    • System gets fuel rate, fuel benchmark and prepares fuel claim batch.
    • System sends fuel claim to the external system and receives its status updates.
  • Vehicle tracking
    • The user selects a vehicle and its location will be displayed on a map along with vehicle registration number, GPS coordinates, Date and Time
    • A zoom capability from country view down to street level
    • History of vehicle movement is kept at ten minute intervals for reporting purposes
  • Asset Maintenance
    • A vehicle owner raises the request for service or maintenance and sends the details via call or fax.
    • System captures request for vehicle maintenance and verifies it. The verification process takes care of warranty claim, accident damage claim, etc.
    • Quotation is generated with reference to benchmark and follows approval and authorization process.
    • After approval of the quote, an order number is generated and sent to the merchant
    • After completion of the maintenance task, the invoice is received from the merchant and follows invoice authorization process
    • Notification for quote and invoice is sent to respected stakeholder via SMS, fax or email
  • Finance
    • Manage contract creation and termination processes
    • Get payment files from the external system
    • Allocate receipts to accounts from the system
    • Manage sensitive bank transaction details; payments are checked with the bank statements and reconciled
    • Show payments files and bank transactions in charts
    • Generate monthly bills and client statements


Vehicle Maintenance Manager has proved to be very beneficial and has automated the vehicle maintenance service which has minimized vehicle investment risk, reduced overall transportation maintenance and staff costs and achieved compliance with government legislation and thus established a standard among different fleet organisations.

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