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Freight Management Solution


Key challenges faced during implementation of "Freight Management Solutions" are listed below:

  • A web based solution that is adaptive, customizable, innovative and capable of catering the needs of Logistic firm.
  • Maintaining and managing the different template, conditions, functionality, and report as per the different users.
  • Dynamic display of data collected throughout the particular transport on the dashboard.
  • Generation of the content Document for maintaining the paperwork required for US Custom and different duty for the particular freight transport.
  • A scalable solution that can maintain and manage the Freight details.
  • Generation of invoice and report for the accounting management
  • Maintaining the Message Set Layout for sending data to US Custom.
  • Integration of the CBP send & receive interface.


  • Interface with database

    WCF Service

  • Technologies

    MVC, ASP.Net

  • Reporting tool

    Crystal report

  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


TatvaSoft with its proven IT knowledge and Logistics & Transportation based domain expertise emerged with a business solution effectively maintain and manage the creation of paperwork required for the movement of freight. Following are the key features of the TatvaSoft offered solution:

It offered following features which include:

  • Listing of different reports to maintain Different Accepted and Reject list as per US customs.
  • The main login is classified in two part Admin and User interface.

    Admin Interface

    • Maintaining and managing the different admin side interface such as menu management, company management, user management and application level management.

    End User Interface

    • Brokerage: Managing different details like Base-file, 7501 entry summary, Ace-PGA Set, Ace cargo release, Delivery Order, Custom Statement, DIS(Document Image System), ISF (Importer Security Filling), Electronic 7512, Reconciliation, FT214 form, Reports, Forms, CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Send Query, etc.
    • Break Bulk: Managing the different details like - Break-bulk Entry, Due Agent, Handle Cost, Reports, Forms, etc.
    • Accounting: Managing different details like Chart of Accounts, Bank GL Entry, Invoice generation, AR (Accounting Receivable) Entry/ Tracing, AP(Account Payable) Entry/ Tracing, Cash receipt, Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, Write check, Check Register, Monthly Reconciliation, AR/AP Reports, etc.
    • Air Export Entity/Ocean Export entity: Managing the details like Entry free Form, certificate of origin, commercial Invoice, bank order, quote, etc.
    • Ticket Management: Managing and maintaining the enhancement, errors, issues of system using ticket system which contains the facilities to generate tickets, changes/view the status of tickets, providing ticket lists with all details.
    • Custom program: Providing the facilities to set different level of functional access of brokerage and accounting based on users. It is also providing to manage role, tickets, customer profile, and user signature.
    • Entity management: Managing and maintaining different entities (e.g. Customer, Vendor, Supplier, Importer of Record, Buyer, Broker etc.) with details like Entity Entry, manufacturer entity, product entry, etc.
    • Business console: Providing information of revenue and income trends, central revenue and profit trends, and revenue details of customers with chart.


TatvaSoft solution enable customs brokers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and de-consolidators to improve efficiencies, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and increase customer satisfaction. The fully integrated accounting system also enables every user a greater control of costs.

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