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EDI Transaction in Supply Chain Management


Client's company is named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies since 1997 and is a leading North American third-party logistics, supply chain logistics provider. The client is one of the technology innovators in the area of supply chain and logistics and delivered advanced solutions through its qualified partner network of over 6,000 truck, rail, air and ocean carriers.

Each organization forms a supply chain consisting of multi-company where an entire material flow is owned by a single firm and those where each organization operates independently. Therefore coordination between the various players in the chain is a key to effective management. EDI enables a system to system exchange of routine business data between trading partners in standard data formats.

In order to fasten flow of information between client, its associates, customers, vendors and partners, the client has emerged with TatvaSoft for developing a solution that executes and process EDI with the help of BizTalk server. Challenges faced by were:

  • An electronic solution that offers an alternative for paper based businesstransactions and documents
  • Managing and taking appropriate actions against transaction failure and errors critical to the business process
  • Implementing Complex Maps using XSLT and other custom functions
  • Implementing Orchestration, custom pipelines and components as per businessrequirement
  • Implementing X12 Party Configuration for SQL to EDI transaction
  • Adding parties/partners setting for X12 and AS2 configuration in Azure
  • Using service bus queue we can insert/fetch data to/from database


  • Architecture :

    BizTalk Server

  • Server :

    Microsoft BizTalk server

  • Technology:

    Microsoft .NET Framework using C#

  • Database :

    Microsoft SQL Express

  • External Tools or Components :

    Orchestration, ContextAcessor Functoids and Custom Components


TatvaSoft developed a web application known as EDI Transaction in Supply Chain Management based on BizTalk Server and EDI standards having following core features:

  • Complex flat file schema generation using flat file wizard with the positional record
  • Implementation of custom receives and send pipeline components
  • Designing complex mapping for CSV to X12 EDI and X12 EDI to CSV document
  • Integration of two or more independent organizational units business processes.
  • Information diffusion and sharing
  • Implement and automate business processes using Orchestration
  • Auto email alerts have been sent for any transaction failure or error while processing a large file.
  • Migrated Application from Local BizTalk services to Azure BizTalk Services
  • Facility to do required configuration for processing, receiving and sending EDI documents.
  • Created a Logic app for workflow in Azure for each carrier
  • Created a service bus in Azure for two or more parties want to exchange information
  • The system accepts File, SMTP and WCF-Custom Adapter as data sources.
  • The system supports and process following business transactions (EDI documents):
    • Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification (X12_4001_180)
    • Purchase Order (X12_00401_850)
    • Ship Notice/Manifest (X12_00401_856)
    • Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message (X12_00401_214)
    • Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice (X12_00401_210)
    • Functional Acknowledgement (X12_00401_997)


EDI enabled a system to system exchange of routine business data between trading partners in standard data formats. It boosted up their business goals by implementing newly identified features and functionality. The application has reduced order lead time and hence buy-sell cycle time, faster cash flow, enhanced strategic alliances throughout the supply chain as well as by saving documentation processing cost contributed to Green IT.

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