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GPS Tracking


Our US client wanted us to develop web based system for his dealers, customers, vehicles and GPS devices with two requirements. The first requirement was to ensure GPS position data is shown on world map and second requirement was that GNX device (GPS data Transmission device) should be used to transmit data from vehicle to the database server. Our client wanted a solution which can make it easy to keep an eye on the vehicles in transit.

"GPS Tracking System" has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Ability to send messages, stop address and other information to the driver
  • Window Service should be created to fetch data coming to UDP port of database server and save it to the application database for reference of web application.
  • Use Google map to allow users to see the current position of all his vehicles, can view historical data on map, can create and manage geo-fence, create alerts when the ignition is on, high speed, vehicle is idle and similar others situations.
  • Ability to transmit data from vehicle to database server and vice versa
  • Managing business critical documents and confidential contents effectively and efficiently at a centralized repository to respond to business need and generate revenue.


  • Server:

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Web Server:


  • Tools & Technologies:

    ASP.Net using C#, Windows Service, Google Map API, Telerik Controls


TatvaSoft Australia offered a fast and accurate GPS Tracking application loaded with powerful mapping functionality to monitor and control various fleets. TatvaSoft provided a solution that was extremely useful for Shipping and Logistics industry with the following features:

Server Application:

  • Allows administrator to manage dealer, customer, user, device and general settings
  • Upload help, library, user manuals, and videos

Client Application:

  • View vehicles on Google map, show historical data for a vehicle on map, view geo-fence
  • Send different types of messages, stops, landmark, and route to driver on Garmin device fixed in vehicle
  • Set and manage Maintenance tasks for vehicles
  • Manage vehicle, driver, landmark, geo-fence, alerts, fuel logs, and contacts

Window Service:

  • Fetch data from UDP port, check for validation and authorized data and save in application database
  • Send user messages to drivers and read responses from them.
  • Send various alert mails to various users for user generated alerts, geo-fence cross alerts, and emergency alerts.
  • Generate reports at scheduled time and send to appropriate user via mail


  • Google Maps Integration
  • Garmin Device Integration


We developed a GPS Tracking System that covered all the functional requirements for our clients. They can manage dealers, customers, users and other settings using the web application. Apart from this installed window service will fetch incoming GPS data from UDP port and add it in application database. User can view current vehicle position and its driving path on world map. User can communicate with driver by exchanging messages regarding stops and landmarks.

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