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Cab Reservation


The client wanted to create a platform from where the consumer easily books the cab, pay for the ride, track cab, while the cab driver can simply sign up, quote the ride request, serve to accepted consumer's request. To make handy mobile application with an easy platform interface to be simply adopted by consumers and cab drivers for regularuse.

Cab Reservation Application" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Easy to use and easy to understand for consumer
  • User-friendly booking flow and rich user interface
  • Facility for payment with credit/debit card
  • Friendly to the environment-reduced use of paper
  • Engage customers through interaction such as feedback forms, driver rating
  • Provide the consumer with nearby cab availability and cab driver information
  • Travel agency's interface to track and manage their cab and drivers
  • Driver interface for getting consumer request and to provide the quote


  • Database


  • Web Server


  • Tools & Technologies

    CodeIgniter- PHP, jQuery, AngularJS,, Swift, Java


TatvaSoft developed a platform "Cab Reservation application" for the above purpose. It offered following features which include:

  • Through consumer mobile application, the consumer can sign up for the platform. By specifying locations, timings and vehicle type, the consumer can request for cab booking and get the quote from the different drivers.
  • Drivers and cab details are making available to the customer for verification before choosing the cab. After selecting cab, the consumer can track its location through the application. Chat with the driver in case of any query.
  • Pay to the driver by scanning debit /credit card. Give rating & review to cab driver after a ride as per his satisfaction.
  • The consumer gets a free ride by referring the application to a friend.
  • The driver can register as a driver or as a Travel Agency. So based on user role, they will have access to the system.
  • With both the mobile application and PHP based web application , the cab driver is able to view available jobs in his location and can send a quote to the consumer. Other than these cab driver can track trips history, set notifications, manage profile, documents and place vehicle details.
  • The travel agency can sign up for the platform and can add his drivers and vehicle details into the system. Track his drivers along with their trips, fares and also track live status on the map through GPS.
  • Track payment statements and trip invoices from the system.
  • Admin can manage all system specifics operations. Further can manage customers, their reviews, promotions, CMS, service locations.
  • With multiple admin users with a pre-defined user role, admin can work out into the system easily.
  • Quickly explore the throughput by checking the weekly/monthly statement and reports.


From TatvaSoft's business-oriented services client could broad up his transportation service network and boost up his business with increasing revenue and potential audience. TatvaSoft successfully offered a splendidly structured, easy to use online cab reservation application that is useful for consumers from cab requesting to riding, online paying and getting into the ride. Hence TatvaSoft was successful in reaching the client's expectation.

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