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Golfer Trainer


The client wanted that the system should mainly serve a two-fold purpose as mentioned below:

  • To serve the naive players: By conducting tests for assessing their physical and mental fitness.
  • To serve the skilled trainers: Assess players' performance and provide appropriate training.

The challenge lay in creating a robust test protocol for the players in order to judge the presence or lack of skills for further improvements. Also, the coaches should be able to decipher areas where a player needs attention. These were the main purposes of creating the website.


  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005

  • Web Server:

    IIS 6.0

  • Programming Language:

    ASP.Net, C#

  • Server :

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Framework:

    Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0


TatvaSoft provided a web-based solution comprising of all desired features. The categorized features are as listed:

Administration features:

  • Detailed directory about holes, tournaments, clubs, courses
  • Create exercises according to templates
  • Create test protocols for players to judge their skills
  • Publish these test protocols
  • Player Management:
    • Add new players and teams
    • Renew and upgrade player's account
    • Send and receive gifts


  • Access to library resources
  • Exclusive shopping page for buying test protocols and exercise videos
  • Communication platform for discussions, exchanging emails and messages
  • Enroll in available courses


  • Access to library resources
  • Communication platform for discussions, exchanging emails and messages.
  • Fitness analysis
  • Facility to export results of test protocol analysis to pdf and print reports
  • Test results comparison enables trainer to
    • Set goals
    • Arrange tournaments
    • Create training programs
  • Coaching Program Management


Our web-based service dedicated to all the golf lovers is a testimonial of our patronage services to the client. This website acts as a platform for players to demonstrate and sharpen their golfing skills. Coaches or trainers exhibit their acumen by arranging training programs.

The website proves to be beneficial for the administrator as he/she earns commission from coaches who provide professional services through it.

Professional coaches get potential players whom they can groom as required to be better players. The players, in turn, can avail the facility of getting trained by coaches at ease.

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