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Golf Simulation Tool


Our Miami, USA based customer working as a Golf coach required a windows based custom application which can allow simultaneous capture and display of real-time 3D bio-mechanical data from magnetic trackers. This data can be used by golf coaches for training purpose.

The desired solution to be developed as an Expert System incorporating Data Capture, Display and Analysis Tool and a Report Generator.

  • A synthesized bio-mechanical report that highlights the strengths/weaknesses of a golfer's body movements (The swing).
  • A priority list of the deficiencies of a golfer's movement pattern allowing the teaching professional/golfer to prioritize corrections in order of importance.
  • Suggested drills and activities (including both technical and physical ones) that are known to be effective in improving the areas of concern.
  • Bio-feedback parameters and ranges (specific to that person) that will allow the coach/player to readily and Easily use bio-feedback training for skill acquisition.
  • Creating an animation of golfer based on data received from sensors.

Key challenges were:

  • Demonstration of successful communication between the host computer and the capture device
  • Capturing data at 240 Hz from six different sensors without missing a single record.
  • Selection of the best way to ensure time synchronization of 3D motion capture system signals
  • Digital signal processing
  • Defining the standard view of 3D animation (swing)
  • Critical frame/instant in time determination
  • Selection of appropriate animation models/meshes for display
  • Re-sizing of animation models/meshes to match with individual golfer's dimensions


  • Server

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Web Server :


  • Database:

    Microsoft Access

  • Programming Language :


  • Graphical Tool:

    Dundas Chart

  • Reporting Tool :

    Crystal Report

  • Framework :

    Microsoft .Net Framework


TatvaSoft Australia provided a solution for Sports domain that was highly effective in managing the process of capturing data from the tracker, 3D animation, variable calculation and report generation while meeting the following requirements:

  • Providing best development platform and environment
  • Successful communication with the computer and capture device
  • Reading or capturing 3d data from trackers (capture device) and save it at the rate of 240 data per second from each sensor
  • Verification and synchronization of data
  • Digital signal processing
  • Defining standard view for 3d animation
  • Better graphical user interface
  • Facilitating easy variable calculations with selection functionality
  • Providing export functionality for variables as well as data
  • Generating different graphical reports
  • In-built customization of reporting tools
  • Better comparison with the perfect golf swing
  • Functionality of keeping track records of all trained players with skill sets.


End-to-end services accelerated client's business and cost-savings. High quality decision support based on accurate and reliable information about golf swings that help to make effective training program, reliable, easy to use and photo-realistic graphics.

Utilizing the latest modelling techniques serves as complete solution package to have maximum return on investment in golf training and coaching business sector.

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