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Golf Coach


Our client required a common web platform for professional golf coaches and players to interact and to produce better players. Our client's concept was to train players and develop a system that enables trainers to improve the skills of the players. Letting the players conduct various tests or exercises allows the company to assist their clients in becoming better players.


  • Server:

    Microsoft Windows Server

  • Web Server:


  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Programming Language:

    ASP.Net using C#

  • Framework:

    Microsoft .Net Framework


The aim was to develop sports based web application system for handling test protocols of the players. A test protocol is a set of tests, such as various physical and mental fitness exercises as well as skills tests. The aim of a test protocol is to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each player and how the player can improve his/her play.

The application allows coaches to review players' performance through an analysis section of the coach interface. The analysis feature allows the coaches to identify the areas wherein the players need additional training.

  • Directory which includes details about
    • Clubs
    • Courses
    • Holes
    • Tournaments
  • Creating Exercises using exercise template with the facility to upload videos
  • Creating and publishing test protocols for players
  • Players and team management
    • Adding new players and teams
    • Renewing and upgrading players' account
    • Sending and receiving the gifts
  • Shopping facility where players can buy
    • Test protocols
    • Exercise videos and tips
  • Communication module which includes
    • Internal messaging
    • Email service
    • Forums
  • Analysis and goal setting includes
    • Detailed scorecard analysis for each player and team
    • Fitness analysis through the leaderboard
    • Test protocol analysis with facility to print and export results in PDF
    • Comparison of test results and goal setting based on the result
  • Plan module which includes
    • Arranging the tournaments based on test result analysis
    • Creating training programs based on test result analysis
    • Facility for the coach to manage booking details of coaching programs


  • A common platform to conduct training and coaching programs for players to sharpen their skills.
  • Facility to perform in-depth analysis of each player and team based on test and training program results.
  • The web-based place wherein coaches can provide professional services, players can get training facility and administrator can earn commission from the coach.

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