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Appointment Manager


Client wished to create a highly featured website for small local businesses to provide more convenient services to their client. “Appointment Manager ” has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below;

  • Responsive website that is compatible to any web-enabled device, tablet or smartphone
  • Arrange & manage appointments without making a single call, email or text
  • Real time notification for booking confirmation and cancellation
  • Consumer can book recurring appointments and payment
  • Time zone based service listing and appointment booking
  • Secure payment process /cancellation process
  • Different reports for subscribed service providers
  • Resource management for service providers
  • Book conference rooms or other shared resources
  • Schedule meetings with professors, teachers, TAs & tutors


  • Development Platform


  • Database


  • Server

    Linux (hosted on Amazon)

  • Tools & Technology

    Node.Js, Git

  • Third Party API

    Find nearest business: Google nearby places, Display map : Google Map, Find address of location based on latitude-longitude : IP API Geo-location API, Email : Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Email queue : Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Time zone : time zone – JS, Payment Gateway : PayPal


TatvaSoft developed “Appointment Manager” application which helps small local businesses provide more convenient service to their clients. It offered following features which include:

There are two type of users. Consumer – who wants the services & Service Provider (SP) – who offers services


  • Search for the services either at current location or any other location specified
  • Consumer also gets benefits of rental or subscriptions facilities. (i.e. a health club membership, a storage locker)
  • Allow user to choose time & resource to book appointment
  • Get notification email for booking confirmation and cancellation
  • Check past & future appointments
  • Ability to book recurring appointment
  • Get results for user's selected service for the given place

Service Provider (SP)

  • Create location (business 1, 2...N) to offer services. Set timezone for his business location
  • Custom services – SP has ability to create new service of his choice
  • Manage resources & resource schedule for services his business provides. SP can provide either free or paid service
  • Appointment calendar for each business location. Calendar with week view & day view
  • Ability to book appointment manually for non-registered user
  • Ability to provide recurring appointment service
  • Send appointment invitation using email
  • Ability to hide his business from search
  • Sports, club or league registration (events for group of user) facility
  • Class appointment – To serve multiple user in a single appointment. (i.e Music class, Math Tutor)
  • Choose best suitable category for his business
  • Ability to choose to provide services at consumer location
  • Report–SP can check various reports. (Appointments by resource/services/dates). Paid subscription for reports.
  • Send appointment reminder email to customer


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft’s end-to-end services as it accelerated their business in short duration. TatvaSoft developed a richly formatted online website for small businesses and franchises which eliminates the hassle and frustration of "back-and-forth" phone calls, voicemails, emails and texts for appointment scheduling.

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