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Call Management System


Client wished to create a highly featured online caller as well as lead management system. The aim was to easily manage caller profile, caller information, caller success/failure rate, sale count, create new caller, Badges allocation and reports.

"Call Management System” has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Provide a facility to admin to handle all the business from one online platform
  • Create the campaign and allow admin to import leads through excel under different campaign
  • This online solution allows client to monitor his sales, success or failure ratio of caller and lead verification/confirmation.
  • Solution provides a calculator for calculation of leads per caller.
  • The system allows callers to make call or schedule a call.
  • Allows admin to handle all the statistics, conversion ratio and efficiency of caller.
  • Graphical representation of data/Reports in Dashboard.
  • Caller should have rights to maintain all the information of valid leads.
  • Caller should be able to resume call, record call, reschedule call, and retry. According to the call response, caller can update status like wrong number, not eligible or no order.
  • Badges allocation according to caller’s performance.


  • Tools & Technologies

    Angular 6 + Core PHP

  • Development Platform

    Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Third Party APIs:

    Smssys API for sending SMS Telegenta API for calling

  • Server


  • Database

    Microsoft SQL Server


TatvaSoft developed a two web solutions "Caller Management System” and "Lead Management System” which is easily accessible from computers, smart phones and tablets. The system offered magnificent features which include:

Caller Management System

  • Caller management system provides dashboard for reports/charts/graphical representation/efficiency data/statistics/conversion ratio.
  • Admin has rights to add leads by uploading files and can perform lead verification.
  • The caller management system allows admin to create, delete, edit campaigns and provides facility to import leads under different campaign.
  • Once campaign is created, then admin can assign a campaign to callers.
  • Admin is able to collect different information of leads, reject duplicate leads, distribution of campaign and can set expected run time of the campaign.
  • Explore/Explore New – This feature provides provision to apply additional filters on leads to get desired result based on entered leads parameters.
  • Caller management system provides facility to admin to maintain caller data, performance of caller, caller time entries and rewarded badges.
  • We have developed a custom calculator for calculating leads and required caller for achieving target within a specific time period from the input parameter like desired customers, time span and conversion rate.
  • This solution also allows maintaining and monitors Log history, User log and Lead log.
  • Admin will be able to add new users and can give permissions according to needs. Admin can change those settings in future as well.
  • Lead information can be managed with different parameters like email, phone number, and personal information.
  • For the valid contact number verification, we have used different third party tools and APIs.

Lead Management System

  • In the lead management system, there are mainly two types of roles i.e. Manager and Agent (Caller).
  • Agent can Login through valid Caller ID and Password.
  • Manager has rights to manage and monitor all the statistics of caller profile and update general settings.
  • Agent (Caller) will have provision to monitor his/her time entries, break hours and working office hours.
  • Caller dashboard screen from where he/she can view his/her total calls, scheduled calls, all the lead personal information and call response.
  • The system offers Badges rewards to appreciate caller according to call performance and also shows his/her all-time best performance, number of calls, minutes talk time and sales.
  • Caller will be able to manage lead information and can make notes on lead call for later reference.
  • Update status like Wrong Number, Not Eligible, Reschedule Call, Retry, No Order, Success and Failure based on call response.
  • The agent will be able to resume call, reschedule call or record a call. A manager can be able to watch all this call status and also listen call recordings.
  • Manage sales count by caller.
  • All the facilities which are provided to the agent (caller) will also be accessible for manager with additional rights of managing caller profiles.

Key Features of Project Management:

  • We tried to generate global solution for call center business.
  • Focus on core competencies.
  • Access to best technological talent
  • Reduced Total Cost of Operation (TCO).


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft’s end-to-end services that accelerated client’s business and created cost-savings. TatvaSoft successfully developed a Call Management System that helps client to manage his online call business. Tatvasoft provided two separate platforms for caller management and lead management, which makes client’s business more transparent and effective.

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