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Car Classified App


The client is based in Iran and wanted to provide a platform to the population of his country that will help them to sell and buy both new as well as old vehicles. He wants to maintain different types of the brand for both vehicles and to provide an easy to access on purchasing or selling through this application.

The mobile application has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • List out models of different brands on a single platform
  • Designing rich and better user interface with easy navigation
  • Cross verification of registered user is there
  • User's account management and security
  • The content of the application is in single language so to provide the details in that particular language was a crucial task
  • Complex analysis of any brand's profile and to report it
  • Providing the search result in a manner that will be appropriate to customer's wish


  • Database


  • Web Server


  • Tools & Technologies

    Xcode , Android Studio and Swift, Java ( Android & iOS)


Mobile Commerce was developed to feature a virtual store to the customers. It supported local language to attract the local customers only. To offer customers with greater convenience while looking or selecting a vehicle, the app was built by integrating all intuitive features using the technology to entice the client. Given the opportunity to the users to sell, purchase and analyze the various models, all brands were integrated into the app.

Key features:

  • Differentiation between new and old bikes and cars.
  • Enhance the search facility for the user, more than 32 types of filtering options are available.
  • Make the analysis of vehicle's brand and to give appropriate and right details to the user.
  • Reviewing the model by brands will help the user to choose the one which suits him or her.
  • Multiple Plans to gain more access to the user by purchasing the membership.
  • More attentive falsification towards fake user and profile.
  • Valid and generic content to the user side.
  • Better API management to enhance user experience with a timely limit.
  • Persian language support
  • More than 13000 active users of application daily


This app is a platform for those users, who don't have enough information regarding vehicles and their current values. With increasing demand for the mobile app, this solution provides an ease of access to various number of vehicles and ability to our client gaining more satisfaction from users.

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