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Art & Craft App


The client is based in Australia and develops an age-oriented application that helps in the creative, social and cognitive development of children. The client wished to create a craft application that would enable children to explore their creativity by creating paintings, collage, textual overlays with the help of various tools such as crayons, paints and other craft-based items similar to what they create in their school. Thus, children will have an opportunity of expressing themselves by creating amazing designs and they will also sharpen their crafting skills.

"Art & Craft App" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Application should be simple enough so that children can easily use it
  • Provide options to select the medium (e.g. cardboard, paper etc.) to work on
  • Provide various types of tools such as crayons, pencils etc.
  • Provision to integrate photos stored in device into the application
  • Integrate Facebook or Twitter into the application


  • Database


  • Tools & Technologies

    Swift and Xcode

  • Device Support

    iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air

  • Platform


  • API

    Xuggler API


By keeping client's expectations in mind and focusing on an application with an easy approach for learning, TatvaSoft developed iPad based application. This application for iPads helped kids to learn new things easily and they can remember those as well. This application has support for both English and Welsh languages.

Key functionalities of this application are as below:

  • Paint (Line and multiline drawing, shapes)
  • Music and video
  • Blogs management
  • Add folders and images
  • Links management (Add link and save for future use)
  • Fill color
  • Add contents from mobile gallery
  • Save work to the server
  • Teachers section for monitoring and reviewing
  • Comments on work by teachers
  • Perform text operation (Font Style, Font name, Size, Alignment)


The application helped kids to understand various aspects through videos, music, paint and typing features. Children can easily understand and co-relate the educational contents in short time. Teachers can also review the work from anywhere effectively.

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