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e-Learning Web Application


The client based in Columbia wished to provide a self-learning online platform for professors and students for sharing knowledge among them. The client wanted to help students get knowledge of various subjects through different course elements and help professors earn money through selling the course materials to students.

e-Learning Web Application has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Provide an online and interactive platform for students and professors for knowledge sharing across various different topics
  • Platform for teachers to create resources, sell them and earn money
  • Secure login to students and professors for viewing their course materials and profile details
  • Forum and Q&A section for improving communication between professors and students
  • Ability for the students to purchase different course materials online by making payment through PayPal
  • Platform which supports bi-lingual languages such as English & Spanish
  • Integration of different technologies such as PHP and Java that allows the large variety of functionalities for students and professors


  • Database:


  • API:

    Xuggler API

  • Server:


  • Tools & Technologies:

    Java, PHP, CodeIgniter


TatvaSoft Australia has been actively contributing their expertise in Education industry. We developed web application e-Learning Web Application which is easily accessible from computers.

Major modules of the web application are as below:

  • Courses Module: Professors can create different course module from their user profile. Under each course section, they can create the chapter and subchapters. Each chapter and subchapter may have various elements such as Video, Course description etc.; different types of files (PPT, doc, xls, png, jpg) can be uploaded. Professors have the option to set courses as "Free Courses" or "Paid Courses".
  • Evolution Module: Evolution is an acronym for the "Tests". Professor can create the tests by selecting the different question types. Students can take these test and get the results of these tests which they can share on different social media platforms. The user gets the certificate in PDF format which certifies that they have appeared for these tests and can then use the certificate for various purpose.
  • Video Recorder Module: Video recorder module is a desktop based plugin developed in Java which allows the professor to record audio and video. This module is developed using Xuggler API. This module has different functionalities such as video editing which allows the user to cut and trim the video, manage video frame, select different microphone and webcam. Professor has the option to save the video and audio on their local desktop and can also upload to the server which would show the video and audio in their user profile.
  • Forum Module: Students can browse through the different free as well as paid courses and add it to their profile. Course subscribed user will have access to the forums section where they can interact with different students and professors and can solve their queries. Students can also reply to different queries and can earn Karma points which will be shown on their profile
  • Admin Module: Admin approves the different courses created by the professor and also checks whether the user is valid to be login as the professor or not. Admin also monitors different activities such as student's user profile creation, forums, Evolution section, and total revenue generated through different courses. Payment made by the students on any course purchase goes to the admin and then admin forwards the royalty to the respective professor.


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services that accelerated client's business and created cost-savings. Client's motive to provide self-learning platform became an out of the box solutions and was very helpful for students and professors. On seeing the huge success of the web application, the client decided to enhance this web application into a SaaS-based product so that it could be used across various universities and colleges.

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