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e-learning Organization Portal


Client is based in UK and is a market leader in education domain for providing e-learning solutions. They collaborate with different universities for providing to adopt the e-learning solution in their academic patterns. The client wanted to provide a regional based e-Learning solution to increase the efficiency of students and to provide enhance and improvise in the education domain.

Key challenges behind developing this portal were:

  • Platform must be rigorous, secure, and fast and cope with minimum 250,000 users
  • Provide a platform to give teachers upload additional resources
  • Secure login to teachers, students for viewing their diaries and daily activities
  • Message notification system to improve communication between users
  • Friendly to the environment-reduced use of paper
  • Digital media is more acceptable to students, teachers to keep their knowledge up to date
  • Single set of code but able to manage different organization through different databases
  • SaaS based product so that client can add new schools from backend and can also provide them with the different template.


  • Database:


  • Server:


  • Tools & Technologies:

    PHP, Moodle, WordPress, JavaScript

  • Third Party:

    Amazon S3, BigBlueButton, MogileFS, ClamAV


TatvaSoft developed a SaaS application "Learning Management System" which is easily accessible from computers.

It offers following features which include:

  • Integration of Moodle with core PHP so that the courses module of Moodle can easily be accessed via client's website
  • With single setup, Admin can have multiple copies installed for different organization.
  • User can navigate between Moodle & CLMS easily through SimpleSAML authentication.
  • Messaging feature where teacher and parent can do one-to one conversations and teacher and students can indulge in one to many conversations.
  • Community between teachers & parents as well as for teachers to discuss on any particular topic.
  • Courses Module developed in Moodle that will allow the teacher, school admin to manage various functionalities such as Grades, Course Completion Tracking, Reports of the activities for any particular teacher.
  • There is library developed in WordPress for the students & teachers to help to improve their knowledge.
  • Users can also add different contact in the contacts sections and also search for the users of their organization.
  • User statistics report to help admin know about the traffics of the user in the system as well monitor various activities of the users.
  • A content management system displaying information, help guides, resources, personal note section for recording miscellaneous information.
  • File Sharing functionality for the users to share among the different users such as the only authorized users can access these files.
  • Administrative feature includes School account management, user account/groups management, website layout management, adding advertising objects to advertising list, managing school information, CMS management, Global settings.
  • Online real-time presentation facility with whiteboard.


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services that accelerated client's business and created cost-savings. Initially, client launched the website for its personal use but seeing the importance of the solution client decided to develop the website as a SaaS-based product. TatvaSoft successfully developed a richly formatted dictionary for the students & teachers. The client was approached by the various organizations because of this website and also was able to grow its network around the various parts of the world.

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