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The client is based in New York, USA and is running Day School that consists of 675-day schools and works round the clock to provide education to teachers and students. The client provides course materials using the traditional approach. He was looking for a different approach which offers accessibility of course material anytime and enhances collaboration among students, teacher and parents.

TatvaSoft envisioned this idea and came up with a web-based application named "e-education". It supports huge database of different course materials which is accessible at any point of time. Along with the materials, the website should provide a platform for discussions and sharing of quality educational idea and view.

The prime considerations are:

  • The website should support digital media and meet emerging trends which are more acceptable by student.
  • The website should manage tons of data (in GB) including audios and videos
  • A platform where students and teachers can discuss and collaborate
  • Should facilitate secure login to end users (students, teachers) for accessing website contents.
  • Minimise the use of paper and help to contribute a step to become environment-friendly.
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time.


  • Technology


  • Database :


  • External Tools or Components:



TatvaSoft developed a website "e-Education" for the above purpose. It offered following features which include:

  • Provides functionality to share one's material on the website
  • Data is categorized into various categories such as Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School thus making the data easily available.
  • Clip Art feature from where images are uploaded/downloaded and can be grouped into categories.
  • Forum where users can post information and have discussions.
  • User can upload and download audio/video and also post their feedback.
  • Articles feature where articles on various topics are available.
  • User can "Report A Problem" for any uploaded article, blog, post, audio and video and then admin will have the option to remove those particular reported items from the website.
  • Feature called "Add to Briefcase" would add particular item to list of Favourites and users can refer all the briefcase items in their user profile whenever they want.
  • Option to share particular items to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Comment Book allows users to comment on their experience of using the website
  • On the Home page, the user can view the latest updates about the new articles, blog, posts, etc.
  • Search functionality for searching data either from the entire website or from a particular page.
  • User can interact with the support team using Live Chat module.
  • Administrator will check each content uploaded on the website for quality and accuracy of the content.
  • Admin can manage access rights and role Management for the Users (Students, teacher and other user).


e-Education website paved a new way of learning and extended the classroom beyond the four walls. Now students, teachers and parents get materials online whenever they need and share their knowledge through this platform. Thus it improves and spreads education in the country.

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