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Education Case Studies


Designed to create strong corporate mentoring and learning environment, client wished to develop web-based mentoring software to provide valuable information and knowledge to students, veterans, and professionals.

Below are the few key challenges that are fulfilled by "E-Mentoring" solution:

  • Intended to fulfil specific learning objectives for professionals and students
  • Helps to motivate students with better education and choose career choices that will nurture students
  • Link people one-on-one with professionals to inspire and enable higher levels of achievement
  • Provide a platform to the mentors with the additional resources required to guide the student in a better way
  • Message notification system to improve communication among the mentors
  • To broaden the career perspective of the students through e-mentoring programs
  • Enhancement of coaching, leadership, management skills of the mentors


  • Database:


  • Server:


  • Tools & Technologies:

    PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, VideoWhisper


Ensuring a well-defined framework for students to plan their education and careers, taking into account, TatvaSoft offered "E-Mentor" web-based program that works with high schools, universities, corporations and returning veterans from military service to deliver effective learning and training platform.

Below are some of the key features to highlight:

  • Facilities One-On-One mentoring to the students and also support mentoring to a group of students
  • Provision to assign set of goals to every mentor with the ability to track progress about the programs
  • Assignments of the goal set to each and every mentor and details of the progress of the programs
  • Enable to have effective communication between mentor and students with messaging feature
  • Having content management system that displays information of different programs, its methodology, various details of the projects etc.
  • RSS feed and integration with Twitter to know the people interested and following the website
  • Encouraging students and mentors with various articles and newsletters
  • Effective management of forums and project resources
  • Dynamic algorithm for the allocation of the mentors to the mentees
  • Facilitated video chat between mentors and student with the recording of chat for future reference
  • Supports dynamic fields to be added to forms of teachers, mentors, mentees and students
  • Enriched with administrative features that include posting announcements, managing information on mentors, mentees, conducting surveys, adding projects resources, assignment of mentors according to the skill they possess, adding tips and suggestions and many more


As a premier web-based mentoring program that serves as a link between aspiring leaders and experienced professionals, key benefits offered by "E-Mentoring" are:

  • Web-based application that can be accessed via internet from anywhere, anytime making it perfect for busy professionals on the go.
  • Comprehensive solution with the ability to serve the single organization or complex multilevel subsidiaries or division with equal ease and proficiency.
  • Effective and efficient matching algorithm that boasts a more than 90 percent success rate which means matched in this solution has the best chance of succeeding.

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