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Ecommerce - Online Gift Store


Our client was willing to move his store over internet, an e-commerce online store concept. The client required a website which can offer unique, elegant and memorable gifts to the users for different occasions. Client wanted a common destination for gift givers, gift recipients and vendors. His concept was to enable gift recipients, such as a wedding couple, to create wish-lists' of items they would like to receive and share these with their friends and gift givers. Gift givers can browse their friends' wish-lists' or even the master catalogue on the website, buy gifts for their friends and ship it to them.

The client also wanted to provide a free exchange facility for gifts which will allow its recipient to easily book ideal alternative of that gift and provide all the facilities throughout the gifting process.


  • Server :


  • Framework :


  • Web Server :


  • Programming Language :


  • Database :


  • Scripting Language :

    AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery


Core features of Gift Shop:

  • Online catalogue for vendors and administrator
  • Interactive shopping cart using jQuery and AJAX
  • Wishlist based on categories and occasions for gift recipients
  • Content management system
  • Order and inventory management
  • Vendors can sell his gift cards
  • Bulk upload facility for vendors
  • Easy interaction between gift recipients and gift givers
  • Detailed reporting module
  • Sharing with friends and other members
  • Banner and the advertising module
  • Online secure transactions
  • Simple and flexible selection for users to exchange, upgrade and add multiple gifts
  • Advanced searching of various gifts based on occasion, catalogue, category and specific recipients


TatvaSoft successfully delivered rich PHP web-based application, Online Gift Store.

  • Easily share their gift wish with friends
  • The recipient can exchange the gifts
  • Wishlist of the recipient is visible
  • The win-win condition for sender and recipients to spend on the correct choice
  • Owner can cater best of the products with variations and know the choices too

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