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Vehicle Selling Website


Client wished to create an attractive website with efficient User interface that can display used cars/ Motor cycles sales services provided by company.

The aim was to meet the maximum level of desired performance and thus few objectives were to be met to achieve the same. Key challenges were:

  • Displaying all brand and their Car/ Motor cycle details with utmost attractiveness and all required details.
  • Subscription plan management that caters to different needs of the dealers.
  • Maintaining/Updating all the details related to all the associated Brands.
  • Support of the easily navigational User interface.
  • Ideal execution of all other offers and services provided by website.


  • Architecture:

    n tier

  • Server:

    Windows Server

  • Third Party Tool:

    Payment Gateway

  • Database:

    Microsoft SQL Server

  • Tools & Technology:

    Microsoft C#.NET, MVC, VueJS

  • Development Platform:

    Microsoft Visual Studio


TatvaSoft developed a web application, to display all the used cars available from different dealers and end users thus providing a valuable platform for customers which was efficient with following core features :

Used Cars/ Motor Cycles Listing

  • Listing down all the Brands for which company provides various used Cars/ Motor cycles.
  • Specifications box: All the required details that customer looks for while opting to buy a Cars/ Motor cycles.
  • Providing the user with Gallery of the selected car – Contains Photos with different views of the Cars/ Motor cycles, that displays real time graphics of them
  • View reviews of the car provided by different users of the platform
  • Interface to look into all the latest news and exhibitions related to Car/Motorcycle
  • Interface for the seller user to register classified ads for their vehicle over the platform


  • Providing the user with option of purchase of the used cars with different installment options
  • Option of viewing the offers with the filter of Price range, Notification functionality that triggers alerts for the end user if any new Cars/ Motor cycles added in the list.
  • Providing the user with option of various offers respected to various Cars/ Motor cycles models that they can evaluate while making a best choice among all.
  • Barter functionality that allows end user to Trade their required Used Cars/ Motor cycles with other user.
  • Interface for users to make comparison between their choices of Cars/ Motor cycles such as comparison based on Price, Model number, Key features etc.

Admin Features

  • Interface for managing all the subscription plans for all the dealers as well as end users and manage all the functionalities that are offered in each plan.
  • Interface for managing details of all the Brands that are associated with the platform along with their offered models.
  • Manage pricing details of all Cars/Motor cycles along with their model number and year of manufacturing
  • Approval workflow that keeps check on each and every Cars/ Motor cycles that has been added onto the platform by any Dealer/End user.
  • Moderate admin feature that keeps check on all the approvals/rejections by any of the admin team member.
  • Manage all the installment options as well as Price range configurations for the Cars/ Motor cycles.
  • Manage all the payment that are carried out through the platform.
  • Support for Persian configuration and support in the system.
  • Manage all the users of the system as well as Roles that has been assigned to them.


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft’s end-to-end services as the key benefit was the ease in the daily operation along with major improvement in the sales operations of second handed cars and motor cycles. The application was able to accurately maintain all details of the dealers of the cars and motor cycles. Additionally, it also allows keeping a check on the payment part that is involved in the buying/selling process. The application was also equally useful to the end-user providing them with the friendly user interface, and in a way helped the client to efficiently carry out their business process maintaining the complete trust.

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